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Antitarnish-Cu-100 Passivation Solution for Copper Surfaces - High Concentrate Ltr. 1 6009001 download


Antitarnish-Cu-100 is a product for the passivation of copper surfaces. Antitarnish-Cu-100 creates a molecular layer on the copper surface which will not affect the adhesion of photoresists or screen printing techniques. The passivation layer is removable by acidic treatment (acidic cleaning or slightly etching) of the copper surfaces.

Necessary Equipment

Bath tanks: Preferably PVC or PPH tanks
Agitation equipment: Parts and/or bath should be sufficiently agitated in order to reach a uniform passivation layer. Bath agitation can be done with an immersion pump.

Delivery form and bath setup

Antitarnish-Cu-100 is delivered as a concentrate in 1-liter-bottles (Item-No.: 6009001).
For bath make-up Antitarnish-Cu-100 has to be diluted with water up to a factor of 1:100.

Working conditions

Bath temperature Room temperature (min. 15 °C)
Exposure time 0.5 - 5 min
Filtration not necessary

Safety hints and disposal

For information on safety, please see the corresponding Material Safety Data Sheets. The valid accident prevention regulations and safety information must be observed.

The active ingredients of Antitarnish-Cu-100 can be absorbed by active carbon and burnt with it. We recommend to stir the spent passivation solution with 4g/l of active carbon for some hours at room temperature and to filter it afterwards.
After neutralization the spent solution may be discharged into the site’s sewage system. The instructions of the local water/sewage authorities must be observed in any case.


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