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Antitarnish-A-100 PRO-KIT

Passivation of Precious Metal Surfaces by Electrophoretic Coating Process


Effective, durable tarnish protection for silver and other metal surfaces and alloys – can either be used as a simple immersion process or by means of an electrophoretic coating process.

Antitarnish-A-100 PRO-KIT

Antitarnish-A-100 PRO-KIT is distinguished by the following extremely positive properties and effects:

  • Long-lasting protection against oxidation and discoloring
  • Usage for decorative and electrical applications
  • Ideal for rack, barrel and continuous lines
  • Absolutely no visible alterations regarding brilliance and color
  • Unlimited capability of bonding and soldering after passivation step
  • Improved frictional properties of contact plugs and connectors
  • No negative influence on electrical properties; unaltered conductivity and contact resistance
  • Excellent skin tolerance
  • Free of chromium (VI) compounds and solvents
  • Easy disposal of the used solution - biologically harmless

...and this is how it is to use:

Using the Antitarnish-A-100 PRO-KIT, tarnish protection is even more intensive and the solution is also deposited in areas difficult to access by adding a conducting salt and applying a voltage. For application please see product information sheet Antitarnish-A-100 PRO-KIT.


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